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Lesson Title: "Twos"

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multiplication lesson 2Lesson Title: "Twos"

Lesson Objective:  Students will be able to demonstrate fluency with all "Twos" facts. Students will be able to apply the commutative property to recall the product of all facts having "2" as a factor (in either position).

Focus Facts: 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, 2x6, 2x7, 2x8
Students can apply the tricks learned in this lesson to 2x5 and 2x9 as well.  (Alternate strategies for these facts will be offered in Lessons 3 and 4.) 

Lesson Strategy: TRICK

Lesson Notes
Lesson 2 is the first lesson in the Trick Group. Fluency with Addition Doubles facts ensures near-instant automaticity with all Multiplication facts in this group.  The other "trick" presented is skip-counting by Twos. Once students understand the strategies (Double the Other Number or Count by Twos), all Twos Multiplication facts can be easily mastered. 

Teacher Tips
Before beginning this lesson, spend some time reviewing the Addition doubles facts. In doing so, you will be giving students the needed background knowledge to quickly become fluent in the Twos facts. 

Factivation!® for Addition Members- Lessons 4 and 6 offer instructional videos, printables, and games to provide this much-needed foundation.

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