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Lesson Title: "Fun Facts 1"

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multiplication lesson 6Lesson Title: "Fun Facts 1"

Lesson Objective:  Students will be able to demonstrate fluency with 7x6, 3x4, 7x8 and their commutative counterparts. 

Focus Facts: 7x6, 3x4, 7x8

Lesson Strategy: CHANT

Lesson Notes
Lesson 6 is the first lesson using the chant strategy. Without a strong strategy, Multiplication facts in this group are very challenging for some students to retain.  However, the chants applied to each of these facts make them simple for students to
recall and are among students' favorite facts to practice!  

Teacher Tips
Don't wait until Lesson 6 to teach the Lesson 6 Multiplication facts!  All Factivation!® for Multiplication chants can be used as your daily class attention-getters.  

Recommended Method: Teach one new attention-getting chant weekly.  When you do this, you'll be amazed at how quickly students breeze through Lessons 6-8!  Students as young as Kindergarten can learn these easy Multiplication chants, so get your whole school on board!
Print this lesson's posters (see Printables) and refer to them when using the chants in class.

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