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Factivation!® Assessment Tool

Overall Mastery Tracking 
The Factivation!® Assessment Tool can be used as a pre-test to determine a baseline from which to measure progress.  It can also be used at any time DURING the course of the program to check overall mastery of facts covered and can then drive instructional decisions as to whether the student(s) should move forward to new lessons or revisit any lessons already covered. 

Factivation!® for Addition PRE/POST Assessment:

Factivation!® for Multiplication PRE/POST Assessment:

Factivation!® for Multiplication MID-PROGRAM Assessment: 
Use after Lesson 5- See Teacher Instructions

*Please Note: The teacher script was originally created for the Multiplication/Division assessment, but the same procedure (and script) may be used for the Addition Assessment.  There is NO Mid-Program Assessment for the Addition program.

Addition Student Page and Scoring Guide
Figure 1: The Student Page is used by the student during the assessment. 

The Scoring Guide allows the teacher to determine fact gaps and monitor progress.

Figure 2: The Class Profile Sheet provides a view of overall class mastery by lesson.

Figure 3: The Teacher Script provides clear guidelines for how to administer the assessment. The instructions provided inform teachers how to determine class needs from the data collected.

Assessment Tool Video Tutorial
*Please Note: This video is on our list to update soon.  It was created before Factivation!® was available online, so please disregard any information related to the "Printables Disc".  All needed copies can be downloaded from the links above.

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