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Tips for Teachers

Here’s a simple Multiplication tip that makes a BIG impact: Use the Factivation!® chants as your class attention-getters! This makes a HUGE difference. For example, rather than calling out “1,2,3...” and students responding, “Eyes on Me,” why not get their attention WHILE teaching the Multiplication facts: It’s simple! Here’s an example using a Lesson 6 chant:

Teacher says: 1,2,3,4....
Students respond: “12 is 3 X 4!”

Imagine the impact on Multiplication fluency when you start this at the beginning of the year and add a new attention-getting chant weekly! All of the Lesson 6-8 multiplication facts will be mastered without students even realizing it. It’s amazing how powerful these 5 seconds can become!

sweet incentive
Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Students will work hard to earn one “sprinkle” (sticker) for each passed Factivation!® for Multiplication lesson.  Celebrate 100% mastery with a cupcake party!

Directions: Print one cupcake pattern for each student in the class and display on a bulletin board, door, etc. As lessons are mastered, reward students with a sprinkle on their cupcake. After students complete Lesson 9, celebrate their Multiplication mastery with a cupcake party. *TIP* If there is a cupcake shop in your area, see if they will donate cupcakes to your class. Many of these locally-owned bakeries create unique flavors and are happy to support the schools in their area!

We have lots of tips for teachers!  Check back...we'll be adding more soon!

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